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We are brand and website design experts for salons, designers, architects, builders, doers | WE ARE BRAND AND WEBSITE DESIGN EXPERTS FOR architects, DESIGNERS, salons, FOUNDERS, DOERS | WE ARE BRAND AND WEBSITE DESIGN EXPERTS FOR SALONS, DESIGNERS, ARCHITECTS, FOUNDERS, DOERS

At Rouse Design Studio, we specialize in brand and website design, dedicated to breathing life into your business and fostering highly engaging client or customer relationships.

We recognize your essential role as a business owner, and we have our own pivotal role to play. The areas where your expertise shines deserve your full attention, while the design and visual aspects that we excel in can seamlessly become our responsibility.

Allow us to unburden you by taking charge of your brand's identity and online presence, so you can wholeheartedly concentrate on what you do best.

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Let's make you a sought-after brand in your industry.

In working with us, we will lead you through the development of your brand identity. We'll assist you in launching into the marketplace with creativity that captures the fundamental essence of your business.

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Website Design

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Bramble Creative PR

Finding Sydney, and working with her throughout this journey has been incredible. With limited time on my end she has gone above and beyond to help get this completed. Sydney is so patient and blew my mind. She truly understood my vision, elevating my business with her magic touch. 

Shelby Sells | Layne & Co Salon

I am so impressed with Sydney. Not only did she make a wonderful logo for my start up… she also educated us on the value of branding. Her passion for this is clearly evident and she seems to truly enjoy this. I am most thankful for how easy she made this process. She has continued to share her candor and expertise after the project was completed which I truly appreciate.

Rosalee Castro | C.Sprouts

Working with Sydney brought all of my sporadic ideas into a concrete brand that reflected exactly what I envisioned for Lions Ear. Prior to meeting with Sydney, I did not realize how much intention goes behind designing your brand. Sydney was able to guide me through the "why" for my brand, in order to create a brand that will truly make a difference. Working with Sydney took so much off my plate and handed it to a professional who truly takes pride in her brands.

Caroline Neshyba | Lions Ear Mental Health Advocate

I'm so happy I contacted Sydney to help launch my brand! She helped me organize my values and beliefs, curated my brand identity, designed my unique logo suite, and selected colors and fonts that represent my business! I could not have done it without her!

Ali Massey | Ali Massey Realtor

Sydney was an absolute gem to work with, I can’t thank her enough! She brought my vision to life beautifully. She’s creative and punctual. I highly recommend working with [Rouse] Design Studio!

Cassidee Rae | Summer Blonde Co.

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Arouse Your Passion.

When it comes to creating lasting brands that inspire your audience or clientele, we’re the experts for salons, designers, architects, and lifestyle brands.

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When it comes to creating lasting brands that inspire your audience or clientele, we’re the experts for salons, designers, architects, builders and PR experts.

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"1. Bring out of sleep; awaken 2. Cause to feel excited"

Synonyms: inspire, galvanize, fire up, inflame, fire the imagination of, wake up
Antonyms: calm, pacify, appease

Rouse exists to awaken something within your business you weren’t sure you were capable of. We’re here to ignite passion into your brand and allow you to grow to heights beyond your wildest dreams. The definition of Rouse is to bring out of sleep, or to cause to feel excited. We hope to do just that for your brand by creating lasting strategies and aesthetics for many successful years to follow.

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