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Sydney Walden

All through college I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do “when I grew up”, but I knew for sure I wanted to help people. All my life, all I wanted to do was serve others, make others happy, and inspire change. With that, I decided to pursue a career in early childhood education! I taught special education as a behavior specialist and then went into general education and taught second grade. These experiences have a special place in my heart, but after countless breakdowns, then once I had my own kids, I knew the classroom wasn’t the place for me.

I did some major soul searching to figure out what my passions were, what my talents were and how I saw myself in 5-10 years. I stumbled upon social media management and graphic design and it immediately sparked my interest. I took multiple courses online to teach myself as much as I could to become a trusted expert in this field and decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business!

I started as Tiny Design Studios after my daughter’s nickname ‘Tiny’. After 2 years of gaining knowledge, skills, and narrowing down my ideal clients, I felt I had outgrown the title ‘Tiny’. Rouse means to uplift, inspire, grow, awaken, and I feel like that is where I am now, and how I serve my clients. 

In every project I do my best to serve my clients fully, allowing them to put their whole faith in me and my ability to bring their business to life through strategic creative designs and a high-converting online presence. Rouse promises to inspire change within you, and awaken a brand from your business you may not have known existed.

why do we like working with the built environment professionals?

For designers, architects, PR firms, salons, and home builders, the visual appeal is your forte – you've mastered the art of crafting beautiful physical spaces and presenting yourselves in the best light. But there's one crucial area where you might be falling short, and that's where I come in.

While you dedicate your energy to making spaces and people stunning, it's easy to overlook your online presence and the various points of contact with your audience. You might have noticed an influx of challenging clients lately or hesitation to raise your rates. The root cause? Often, it's a lackluster website, unprofessional touchpoints, or a portfolio that doesn't do justice to your impeccable work due to low-quality iPhone photos.

My passion lies in supporting and inspiring positive change for businesses like yours. I'm confident that Rouse can elevate your brand to a luxurious level. Let's work together to bridge this gap and ensure your online presence matches the beauty and quality of your real-world creations, ultimately attracting the high-caliber clients you deserve.

We are a quickly and passionately growing boutique agency proudly serving salons and the construction + design industries by crafting strategic brands and high-converting websites.





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